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Elixir Boy
Elixir Brand Message
Elixir Mascot
Background Story

From the far, far away Galaxy, a great planet called Elixir, come three elite members to save the downfallen computer world on the Earth. Each of these Elixirs possesses the incredible abilities in bringing stability, speed and efficiency to remedy the ailing computers and keeps the computer world functioning.

As time goes by, these three Elixirs accommodate themselves to the changing Earth developing more and more capabilities and features to fight with the different kinds of computer problems. Now three Elixirs become stronger and faster as powerful Memory Transformers of the Earth. Bringing peace and prosperity to the computer world, to be sure, it’s Elixir.
Elixir UDIMM: Elixir SPEEDEE

Passionate and gallant, his name is SPEEDEE. He is fast as lightning working in the desktop.

Sex : Male
Gadgets : Spying antenna
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 168 kg
Character : Action oriented, Sprightly Ultra speedy, Funny and charming
Equipments : The road runner, fast!


Charming and intelligent, her name is ENGERGEE. As the smallest and smartest Elixirs, she can support a wide range of portable computers with her perfect shape and performance.

Sex : Female
Gadgets : Spying antenna
Height : 180 cm
Weight : Secret
Character : Smart, Extremely efficient, Always the center of attention, Cute.
Equipments : Ultra efficient central processor.
Cool and powerful, he is STEADEE. Being the strongest Elixir, he got the big power and ultra high memory capacity making the server platform stable and reliable.

Sex : Male
Gadgets : Ultra high memory capacity
Height : 180 cm
Weight : 168 kg
Character : Matured and composed, Stable and serious, Extremely responsible, Reliable
Equipments : Ultra heavy fist

Elixir boy’s story
Elixir, the original brand created by Nanya Technology Corp, means a liquid with magical powers.

It all began with members of sales and marketing and engineering spending countless days brainstorming to find a perfect name for the brand, hoping that it becomes as energetic and everlasting as one who possesses the magical power medicine. In the end, they came up with the word “elixir”. Born with all the members’ hopes and expectations, Elixir represents both the characteristics of an innovative engineer and a vibrant administrator. We believe these characteristics will make people feel closer to technology and become very attached to the brand.
If we see into the “elixir” logo, the letters “ixi” are two people holding hands exchanging information; “x”means communication without boundary and the unbound potential of innovative research and development, and finally, the curved check mark beside the letters represents the halo of wafer, spinning at the speed of light.

For the past one thousand and six hundred more days, overemphasis on the industrial specification had alienated the “elixir” brand from its audience. Not any more! Today, we are bringing you the original concept of the brand --- innovation and vibrancy. With the coming of the new “Kidult” generation and the idea of unstoppable technology innovation, we proudly present to you our powerful new mascot --- Elixir Boy!!
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