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Elixir Boy
Elixir Brand Message
Brand Message
Why Elixir?
Nanya’s Elixir chiefly focuses on the essence of 3P solution – PURITY, POWER, PLEASURE - that set us ahead for the benefit of our customers.

Purity : We are PURE.
PURE Origin: Elixir memory products utilize Nanya-made original components.
PURE DRAMer: Nanya dedicated its source to be pure DRAM Company in earnest.
PURE Commitment: Elixir guarantees its customers unique quality.

Power : We have POWER.
Supply POWER: As Elixir has a strong supporter of full ahead capacity from Nanya, Elixir is better able to guarantee market availability for the latest memory products.
Green POWER: Nanya’s Elixir complies with environmental standards and safety. Nanya cares for the planet.
Price POWER: Under Nanya’s economy scale concept, Elixir is better able to deliver the industry’s most affordable memory products.

Pleasure : We bring PLEASURE.
PLEASURE of Function: Elixir memory products are tested for compatibility with today’s leading PC products from all major brands.
PLEASURE of Creativity: Elixir listens to its customers and thinks beyond and is ready for the unexpected solution.
PLEASURE of Design: Elixir creates its own mascot to intrigue customers’ preference.
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