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About Elixir
The Best Memory Choice from Nanya. Elixir Promises Quality.
Elixir was debuted in late 2001 by Nanya Technology Corporation and soon emerged as the leading brand of high-performance dynamic random access memory (DRAM) products in the retail market. As part of Nanya’s marketing strategy, Elixir aims to deliver the perfect DRAM for memory-hungry computer users all over the world through Nanya’s global sales offices in USA, Europe, Japan and China. Since the introduction of industry-leading DDR and DDR2 memory products, Elixir continues to provide the world's most advanced memory solution for enthusiasts of Elixir DDR3. Elixir DDR3 is an evolution of DDR and DDR2 memory technology with higher speeds and lower power consumption.

All Elixir products are designed by Nanya-owned R&D team and fabricated with consistently superior quality. Each component of Elixir products must pass stringent quality tests before final assembly; the modules have been 100% tested and qualified for compatibility with leading PC system, motherboard and chipset manufacturers from around the globe as well. Elixir promises its customers quality; when you need leading-edge computing DRAM products, be sure it’s Elixir.

For further information of Elixir brand memory solutions on the web: www.elixir-memory.com

About Nanya
Nanya Technology Corporation, a member of the Formosa Plastics Group, is a global leader in advanced memory semiconductors, focusing on research and development, design, manufacturing, and sales of DRAM products. NTC’s common stock is traded on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TSEC) under the 2408 symbol. The company currently owns one 200mm fabrication facilities and one 300mm fabrication facility in Taiwan. The company also has a 300mm joint venture, Inotera Memories, Inc., which operates two 300mm fabrication facilities in Taiwan.

Further information is available at http://www.nanya.com
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