Elixir Memory: Suitable for Your Daily Needs

Elixir may not be as popular as Corsair in the world of computer memory. However, this Taiwanese brand has many kinds of product that are competitive and worth to be owned. This memory is one of best choices for you to support the processing system of your PC. It also has products that suits for your daily needs with lower specification yet high quality.

Offering “Home-based” Usage Version, Lower Spec yet High Quality
Elixir Memory has Xtreem version, one of its brands that has high specification that runs on DDR-1333 with high speed timing in CL 7-7-7-21. If you look for products from Elixir Memory that will be worth for your daily and home usage, it also offers the “home-based” usage version. The specification might be lowered, but it will not change the good quality it has. This version also has Heat Spreader

The “home-based” usage version still works on the speed 1333Mhz, but its timing memory will be loosened to CL 9-9-9-24. No need to worry about its quality, it still works really well and you will hardly see any differences if you use it for your home-based usage. It is one of the best “home-based” memory that you can find in the market.

“Home-based” Usage Version is Equipped with Heat Spreader
As mentioned in the previous part, the “home-based” usage version offers Heat Spreader, one of newest feature of Elixir Memory that other brands might not have it yet. This is a feature that allows the memory to work well consistently for the whole day. As you know, when computer is used too long, it will gain its temperature.

When it happens, it might damage hardware inside the computer. Thank to Heat Spreader, it will not be an issue anymore. This feature will protect the memory, so it can work in a computer or PC that has been used for hours. Also, it works in a hot area. When you play online slot in spinbet99.com, you will find it work well even though you play it already for hours.

Elixir Memory offers “home-based” usage version that has less spec yet good quality. Thank to its heat spreader, it will keep the memory showing its best performance even though the temperature keeps on rising.

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