How Elixir RAM Competes with the Other RAM Brands

How Elixir RAM Competes with the Other RAM Brands

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How Elixir RAM Competes with the Other RAM Brands – For those who love to build computer or laptop, the brand of Corsair and Kingstone might be something very familiar. It is because these two brands are considered as the king of RAM in the world of computer. Even though, there are still some other lower level brands for those who are looking for the RAM alternative for their computer or laptop. It is Elixir. This brand might not be that famous compared with Corsair or Kingstone. Even though this brand from Taiwan proved that the brand is able to compete with the big brands such as Corsair and Kingstone. If you are wondering how this brand is able to compete with those giants in the world of RAM, then here are the ways they compete with those giants.

The first one is that they are using the same technology with the other competitors. Some of you might be thinking that there is no technology at all inside the RAM of your computer. However, there are a lot of technologies inside the RAM for your computer. One of the simplest one is the heat spreader. This is the technology that will spread the heat so that your RAM will not get overheated that easy. This technology can be mostly found in the large RAM brands such as Corsair and Kingstone. Yet, you can also find this kind of technology from the Elixir RAM. That is why a lot of people put the brand on the equal grounds with Corsair and Kingstone.

The second one is because of the affordable price that this RAM brand offers. You might have known that price has one of the biggest impact in the world of marketing. That is because a lot of people want to find something cheap, with the decent quality. This is the main reason why the price for most of the products from Elixir is very affordable. Many people agree that the quality of RAM from Elixir is not the first quality. That is why the price is not as high as the competitors. Even though, having a price different of 30 percent is something very tempting. For your information, the DDR4 Corsair or Kingston are sold for around 100 dollars. Meanwhile, the DDR4 from Elixir is usually sold around 70 to 80 dollars only. Can you see the difference of price between Elixir and some of its competitors out there?

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