These High Profile Companies Surprisingly Use Elixir Memory to Empower Their Products!

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These High Profile Companies Surprisingly Use Elixir Memory to Empower Their Products! – Elixir has been a popular option to several fields including IoT, security, Fintech, and more. Many web developers love this memory, and it is apparently used by large companies as well to support their products. If you want to know how awesome Elixir is, check out the companies that use it.

– WhatsApp
This giant company is known to hire only 32 engineers to serve the entire users. This can sound like a bluff for so many people, but not if you know how this company handles it. Brilliantly, WhatsApp is empowered by Elixir that uses Erlang. It helps the engineers to handle the entire tasks with less.
With users are reaching up to 450 million users until today, their smooth performance is a living proof that Elixir is simply powerful. While this chatting engine successfully do the job every single day, more and more companies are considering to use Elixir too.

– Poker678
Let’s admit, this online poker website is crazy popular today. The active user number reaches to 20 million. During peak time when online betting is on its busy hours. This is when Elixir and Erlang shows how great it is in handle the tasks.

The resilience, distribution, and concurrency of Elixir makes sure the site stays legit and every single casino game and betting are addressed accordingly. When the number of its active users elevate, online casino like should change and support their service with this Elixir too for awesome performance.

– Pinterest
Who doesn’t know about this magic website? You can find so many references and images with links for references. Can you imagine how many tasks per second this website needs to handle? It is 30,000 events per second. This is totally a massive task to handle and Elixir does it so well.

The best detail is that this site limit service rate is set on sub-millisecond when it comes to response. This API endpoints are heavily empowered by Elixir.

In short, Elixir has been proven to be one of the most reliable memories to use right now. Many web developers seriously recommend this, and we know now the reasons. With Elixir is still expanding the ability and developing new improvements, we should expect more greatness when it comes to performances.

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